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Story On Presents: Dotty and Stripes Forever

Today, we hear from Story On, a podcast about creating and sharing stories. Laura talks about how she created a silly story about friendship. Then, she shares the story "Dotty and Stripes Forever."

Dotty and Stripes are a mismatched pair of socks. Stripes gets tired of the same old thing and decides to take off on an epic adventure. Things go wrong almost immediately but, lucky for Stripes, Dotty will do anything to help his best friend. Are they just two stray socks destined for the garbage or the perfect pair? Find out in this foot-warming tale. Listen to the episode here.

After the episode, choose from a sewing or a writing activity. Find the activity below.

KLAP Dotty and Stripes Forever 5.4
Download PDF • 1.70MB

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