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Kids Listen Sweep: Many Podcasts, One Theme

We’re excited to announce our first-ever Kids Listen Sweep! KL members will take a common theme and present it through our diverse podcasts, tackling it from several different angles. Think of it as the most enjoyable unit study you’ve ever heard.

Our first theme is Family Tree, so over the next couple weeks many of our member podcasts will be exploring families and ancestry, each in their own way.

Sparkle Stories

Martin & Sylvia's Family Tree of Stories, "Family Orchard"

Sylvia is nervous about her first ever dance recital. Martin needs a theme for a scrapbook project. When Gramma, Nanni and Poppi come to visit, Martin is inspired to record stories about big events from everyone’s childhood.

The Past and The Curious

In our special Family Tree episode, Mick Sullivan has a great conversation with Rae Ann Sauer from the Sons of The American Revolution Genealogy Library to learn how people start researching their own family trees, and what they learn when they do. You'll also hear a quick story about the Andersons, a family that seemed to be in the middle of everything in American history, as well as a song Mick's grandpa used to sing. We wonder, have you ever heard it before?

Ear Snacks

For their Earth Day Ear Snacks Extra, Andrew & Polly ask some kids, some grandparents, and a family of tree experts about planting things.

Brains On

What was the first land animal? How about the first fish? Or the first multicellular organism? Or the first life form? Brains On will trace back the tree of life to see what we know about how it all began.

Book Power for Kids!

Going into fifth grade is hard enough for 11-year-old Ellie Cruz, but things couldn’t be crazier when her grouchy grandfather joins her school as a teenager! Chaska reviews The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L Holm.

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

In this week's special episode of the BeeBop Tales mini-series, the show's introbot takes over to discuss his robot family tree, and what it was like to grow up in a house full of bots.

Book Club for Kids

What is a family? Willow Chance loves her adoptive parents. After they're killed in an accident, she helps create a new, very unusual family. Kids from Roanoke, Virginia discuss Holly Goldberg Sloan's novel Counting By 7's with host Kitty Felde. Actress Jo Mei reads from the book.

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids

Tumble listener Elena asks if the first primates were our great-great-great grandparents. The answer takes us into a paleontology lab to examine ancient fossils, and back to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

We hope you enjoy our celebration of families human, primate or robot! We have more fun collaborations coming up, so keep an eye on this blog for future announcements. If our podcasts inspired you to research your own family let us know what you find on Twitter and Facebook!


Brennen Power s a reformed baker and full-time homeschool father. He produces the podcast Book Power for Kids! with his children.

Photo by Flickr user Steven Depolo, and used via Creative Commons.

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