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Closing the Circle: How to Rate and Review Podcasts on iTunes

Aren’t podcasts just the best? Commuting, doing the dishes, exercising, engaging your kids – podcasts are the latest and greatest form of entertainment. They are easy to find – there are podcasts on every subject and … they are free!

But don’t you often wish you could offer something in return? Give back to the writers, actors, producers, scholars that have given you so much?

It turns out that there are many ways you can give back: donate, share, patronize their advertisers and easiest of all … rate and review them!

It truly takes seconds and in the world of podcasting, it helps the producers out A LOT.

Here is how you do it:

Step One: go to the podcast’s page on iTunes. You can search for it in the search bar and then click on the icon of your favorite podcast.

Step Two: Click on the button “Ratings and Reviews.” It is under the title, between “Details” and “Related”

Step Three: Fill out the open fields. How would you like to be called? Supermom? TommyB39? Science Nerd 2016? What did you think of the podcast? What did you like or dislike about it? What do you think other listeners would like to know?

Step Four: Rate the podcast. Was it great? Five Stars. Was it horrible? One star. Was it OK? Three stars.

And then … submit. You are done. That’s all. And you can know that you now helped out the podcast 99% more than any other listeners!

*** for those of you rating and reviewing on your mobile device - it looks a little different ***

The steps are the same - but here is how you search for your podcast:

Then find the review button:

Write and review and rate!

So think of your favorite podcasts – and go rate and review them RIGHT NOW! We Thank you!


David and Lisabeth started Sparkle Stories in 2010 and over the past several years have written and recorded nearly 1000 original audio stories for children. You can enjoy a free 10 day trial of the streaming website and offline app - - or listen to the free iTunes podcast(voted best new iTunes podcast of 2013).

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