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Kids Listen Opens Membership to Build Kids’ Podcast Community


For Immediate Release

July 26, 2016

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Kids Listen Opens Membership to Build Kids’ Podcast Community

Kids Listen, a grassroots advocacy group for high-quality audio for children, is now accepting applications for membership. The organization aims to build a supportive community of producers and advocates for podcasts, which encourages the creation, growth, and awareness of podcasts for kids. Those who want to play an active role in developing a healthy ecosystem of kids’ podcasts are encouraged to apply.

Kids Listen launched in June 2016 with eight founding members from popular podcasts Brains On, Ear Snacks, Tumble, Sparkle Stories, Book Club for Kids, Story Pirates, The Show about Science, and kids audio blog Zooglobble. The organization’s goals are to build community, advocate for the growth of the medium, and set standards and ethics that serve as best practices for development, production, and monetization. Kids Listen had an enthusiastic reception from the podcasting and listening community.

The move towards opening membership is intended to create connections that will spur new creative collaborations, provide knowledge-based resources unique to family audiences, and result in more high quality podcasts for kids. Members will have access to a Slack-based community where they can create their own channels for wide-ranging discussions. Kids Listen is currently free to join, and open to all who are interested in advancing the cause of high-quality audio for kids, regardless of whether they have a podcast or not.

In addition, Kids Listen is announcing the formation of its first board, composed of Andrew Barkan and Polly Hall (Ear Snacks), Kitty Felde (Book Club for Kids), Lindsay Patterson (Tumble), Stefan Shepherd (Zooglobble), David Sewell-McCann (Sparkle Stories) and Sanden Totten (Brains On).

Visit for instructions on how to apply for membership.

For Inquiries:

Lindsay Patterson or Polly Hall


Twitter: @Kids_Listen


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