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Announcing: Kids Listen

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For Immediate Release

June 07, 2016

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Announcing: Kids Listen, An Advocacy Organization for Kids’ Podcasts

These days, there’s an abundance of podcasts for every interest and every niche audience. But that’s not true for over twenty percent of the U.S. population: Kids.

We are proud to announce the formation of Kids Listen, a new grassroots organization of advocates for high-quality audio content for children. Founding members include producers of popular podcasts Brains On, Ear Snacks, Tumble, Sparkle Stories, Book Club for Kids, Story Pirates, The Show About Science, and kids audio blog Zooglobble.

There are only a handful of high-quality podcasts that are made for people under the age of 13. Kids Listen hopes to change that. Podcasts are a perfect medium to engage children’s natural curiosity, imagination, and delight. They are a powerful tool for learning, both inside and outside the classroom. Research has shown that kids are more creatively engaged after listening to audio than they are if they had watched television instead.

Kids Listen is confronting the challenges that have hampered the development and awareness of podcasts for younger audiences. The current perception is that kids aren’t sophisticated or attentive enough to listen to podcasts. Our members’ collective knowledge and day-to-day engagement with this audience shows this isn’t true. Kids are eager for podcasts created to feed their curious minds.

To encourage a healthy ecosystem of high-quality kids podcasts, Kids Listen will build community, advocate for the growth of the medium, and set standards and ethics that serve as best practices for development, production, and monetization. Kids Listen will create platforms for producers to share ideas, and publish data and information relevant to creators, consumers, and supporters of podcasts for kids. The group’s inaugural survey – open for online responses today – will capture data about how families listen to podcasts.

Producers of kids’ podcasts know there is a demand and deep appreciation for the content they are creating. Kids Listen wants to make sure that the rest of the world knows it, too.

For Inquiries:

Lindsay Patterson

Polly Hall

(213) 797-0782


Twitter: @Kids_Listen


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