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Kids Listen Inaugural Survey Now Live

Take the Kids Listen survey:

There's a gaping hole in the data we have about podcast listeners: It does not include anyone under the age of 12. This is understandable. It's difficult to get information from this audience through traditional surveys like Edison Research's Infinite Dial. You can't ask a child to keep a daily diary of their media consumption, or answer a telephone survey. But the difficulty of gathering this data has an unfortunate side effect: Hampering the development and production of podcasts for kids. If we can't prove the value of the audience through data, producers are at a big disadvantage when it comes to proving the value of a podcast for kids, whether it's to a radio station, a company, or potential advertisers.

The kernel of the idea behind Kids Listen came from our frustration with the lack of data about our listenership. We know from our collective experience that kids are avid listeners of podcasts, and that their consumption behaviors are different from adults. This survey is intended for parents to provide us with information about how their families listen to podcasts - and to establish a baseline of data that kids podcasts can learn and grow from.

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