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Stoopkid Stories Presents The BB Twins
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In this episode, you will hear from Stoopkid Stories, a new kids' podcast of original stories written and narrated by Melly told through the eyes of 7 young and amazing characters. This episode is about the dancing duo, The BB Twins, who became a viral sensation from posting one of their dances on the internet. Keep listening to see what happens! Listen to the episode here.


After you listen to the episode, do the activity! Stick around for a Stoopkid's Dance Party. Put on your listening ears, your dancing shoes and get ready to move your body for a game a FREEZE DANCE. It's always really good to move your body and give it some love, so what's a better way to do that than to dance! When I say dance, dance to the music and when I say freeze, you have to freeze! Can't wait to dance with you!

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