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Reach A Space Podcast for Kids Presents Exoplanets

Reach-Round5 FINAL.jpg

On this episode of REACH, Brian and Meredith ask the questions "What is an Exoplanet?" and "What does #BlackinAstro mean?" of expert Astrochemist and Planetary Scientist Ashley Walker. Then we get a very special visit from our closest celestial neighbor on a segment entitled "Did You Know...?" Listen to the episode here

After the episode, do the activity! Your activity this week is to listen to the prompts in the episode to create your own Exoplanet using the materials suggested OR anything you already have laying around the house...get creative! And don't forget to give your planet a name - think about something that reflects your personality, your interests, or how you're feeling today. 


Feel free to take a look at these examples named "Britney Spears" and "Naima."


When you're done, share your activities with us with help from your adult! Use the hashtag #kidslistenactivitypod to post a photo on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook

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