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Story Spectacular Presents
The County Fair

You are just in time to join Digger the Dog, Birdie, and Angie for a trip to the County Fair!!! We will eat some great food, go on some fun rides and even win a BIG prize!!! Sing along to "The County Fair Song" and then laugh along to some jokes about the fair. Y'all are gonna have a SPECTACULAR time!!! Listen to the episode here


After the episode, do the activity! Below, find three County Fair Counting Activities for you.

Story Spectacular County Fair Activities

County Fair Games One


The first is the paper toss game. Make your own triangle paper tosser or use the printable activity page for folding instructions. Then find a smooth flat surface. Make a starting line with a piece of tape then. Flick your paper tosser. Use a ruler to measure the distance. Can you beat your score? Challenge your friends and family. Make a prize to award the winner!


County Fair Game Two 


The rubber ducky match game. Use the printable activity page or make your own playing tokens. You can use blank cards or matching lids or coins with paper taped to the bottom. You will need 20 altogether. They need to be identical in shape size and color. Then label two tokens #1 two tokens #2 up to #10. You will have 10 matching number pairs. Hooray now let’s play!


Lay your tokens face down and mix them up. Then organize them into neat rows. The first player will flip two tokens over. Do you have a match? If you do, pull those tokens out the side. They are now your points! And you get to go again. If you don’t get a match flip them back down. Your turn is over but use your memory skills to make matches next turn. When all of the matches are collected, the player with the most matches wins. 


Older kids can play the game with more math skills. Every time you don’t get a match add the total of the mismatched numbers. Keep a running tally. The game ends when all of the matches are collected and the player with the lowest total number score wins.


You can use multiplication too!Y ou can also play by adding or multiplying your matches together and the player with the highest score wins. Or make up your own rules! Because Math rules!!!


County Fair Game Three

The Pie eating chart! Use the printable activity page or make your own blank pie chart by drawing a circle and dividing it into 10 equal slices. These slices represent the 10 pies Digger the Dog ate during the Pie Eating Contest! Yum Yum.Digger ate 4 blueberry pies. So color 4 of the pie slices Blue. Digger also ate 3 Pumpkin pies so color 3 of the pie slices Orange. Then Digger ate 2 Strawberry pies, so color 2 of the pie slices red. Finally, Digger ate 1 chocolate cream pie. Color the last slice of the pie brown. Now you have a chart that shows which pie digger ate the most and which pie digger ate the least! Older kids can calculate the percentages.


Next, you can make your own pie chart for your 4 favorite foods!!! Use the printable activity page or start with a blank pie chart divided into 10 equal slices. To the side of the chart write down or draw pictures of your 4 favorite foods and assign those foods each a different color. You will be coloring one slice of the pie for every food color.Your first favorite food gets 4 pie slices. Your second favorite food gets 3 pie slices. Your 3rd favorite food gets 2 pie slices and your 4th favorite food gets one pie slice. Yummy!


Older kids can calculate percentages. You can make pie charts for your favorite toys, activities or even animals. Like Dogs!


I hope you have so much fun playing along with these spectacular county fair counting games. Check out the show notes of this episode for directions and links to today’s activities.

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