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This episode features 13 year old creative rockstar Jasper’s story seed about a 74 foot tall detective. His author match: Chris Grabenstein, author of the NYTimes bestselling Mr. Lemoncello’s Library series! Join our host Betsy Bird and listen in as Jasper visits Chris Grabenstein’s NYC apartment where they collaborate on this tall tale story idea. Then sit back as Chris unveils the original story he grew from Jasper’s story seed: “The World’s Biggest Detective.” Listen to the episode here
After the episode, do the activity! Grow your own tall tale using 13 year old Jasper and Chris Grabenstein’s Story Formulas from the episode. Follow the prompts in the activity sheet to develop your characters and build their world. Download a PDF here
Story Seeds has created many more activities and lessons to dive deeper into each episode of The Story Seeds Podcast. You’ll find writing activities, STEAM projects, and opportunities to go on literary safaris during and after listening. Visit and click on Imagination Lab at the top of the home page to learn more! 
Activity: Imagine Your Story 


On Episode 3 of The Story Seeds Podcast, Chris Grabenstein and 13 year old creative rockstar Jasper grew the tall tale “The World’s Biggest Detective” from this story seed: A 74-foot man solves a mystery! The character they created is Zeta, a teenager whose room takes up a whole apartment building. He combs his hair with a rake and plays video games on a jumbotron screen. Now, it’s your turn!


STEP ONE: Grow your own character!


Jasper’s Story Formula: Heighten the funny! Take your first idea and magnify it a TON, using specific details. Why make a character 10 feet tall when they could be 74 feet tall?


1. Exaggerate, Exaggerate, Exaggerate

Choose a character trait from the list below. 


𝤿 big as a whale

𝤿 sweet as pie

𝤿 faster than the wind

𝤿 strong as an ox

𝤿 skinny as a toothpick

𝤿 as tiny as a mouse

𝤿 sharp as a tack

𝤿 name your own ____________________


2. Use it to write about a larger than life character. 

Describe what they look and act like.




STEP TWO: Build Your Character’s World


Chris Grabenstein’s Story Formula Before writing, set the rules of the character’s world.  


1. Describe your character’s room



2.  List 10 objects they use everyday



3. How do other people react to your character?



4. Is your character’s trait a gift or a curse? Why?



5. What does your character want most?



STEP 3: Now, start writing your story!!! 

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