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Story Spectacular: Hola Caballo
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Edgar the Egret needs a vacation! He decides to fly to a tropical Caribbean Island. The only problem is, Edgar can't speak the Spanish language. Perhaps a bilingual mockingbird can help him make friends with a local Caballo. Special guests Evan & Vanessa Blum from the Eat your Spanish podcast. Listen to the episode here.  
After the episode, do the activity! Make yourself a breakfast/desayuno.  Read below for details. 

Here's how it works, grab some small pieces of paper or note cards and something to draw with to make your very own set of Spanish language flashcards or tarjetas didácticas. 
Next, make yourself an imaginary breakfast or (real if you are hungry) Desayuno in Spanish. 

Sit down at a table or mesa and pretend that you are sitting across from a friend who only speaks in Spanish. Draw pictures on your notecards of different types of food you would like to serve your imaginary friend. Maybe some eggs, or huevos, bread, or pan, orange juice, or jugo de naranja. Anytime you don't know the word in Spanish, look it up on Google Translate and write it on your flashcard underneath your picture. After you are finished having a tasty imaginary breakfast, get to know your new Spanish speaking friend a little bit better.  How old are they, what is their favorite color, favorite animal, favorite activity? Talk about the weather outside or anything else you want to learn. Keep drawing pictures and writing down new Spanish words as you go. Pretty soon you will be able to have a conversation with a real Spanish speaking friend. You can do this activity in any language that you want to learn. Maybe for breakfast every morning you will only speak in a foreign language. Estupendo!!! Happy language learning everyone.

Activity: "Desayuno Espanol con mi Amigo Imaginario"(Spanish Breakfast with my Imaginary Friend.)
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