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Curious Kids Presents Curious About Maps

In this episode, we learn about maps for Cole of Toronto, Canada.  Why do we need maps? Why is making a map of earth so difficult?  What is the most expensive map in the world and why is it so expensive? Listen to the episode here
After the episode, do the activity! Try to create your own map of your neighborhood using some of the things you learned in the podcast. Instructions below. 
Draw a map of your neighborhood.  You can make it as detailed as you want.  To keep it simple, draw only roads and houses. To make it a bit more challenging, add more details like trees and fire hydrants.  Do you think you have what it takes to be a cartographer?  Add a layer of difficulty by trying to draw your map to scale.  Add lots of color to your map so others can quickly learn things about your neighborhood just by looking at the colors.  
You can use:
Blue for water
Green for lawns and forests
Brown for roads


Be creative and share your beautiful creations with us using #kidslistenactivitypod. 
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