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Story Spectacular Presents: The Quirky Turkey

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Today we will celebrate Thanksgiving by revisiting a funny and festive turkey story. We will join all the other fancy turkeys at the annual Gobble Gala. Things at the gala are going quite smoothly until a bizarre bird arrives. Let's find out who this mysterious party crasher could be....  Listen to the episode here
After the episode, do the activities! Dance, do a thankful activity, and play Pictionary.  Details below!
Story Spectacular Turkey Activities!

ACTIVITY ONE - The Quirky Turkey Dance Challenge
Listen to The Quirky Turkey song from today's show or click on the link in the show notes watch the official quirky turkey music video. Then Get your wings flappin' your tail wagging and your head bopping. Then share your best quirky turkey dance with the help of your adult on social media! Use the hashtag #kidslisten You can see a video example of me dancing to The Quirky Turkey song here. Happy Dancing Everyone!

ACTIVITY TWO - Secret Turkey 
Here's how it works. Before your next celebratory in-person or virtual dinner with friends/family. Select the names of all attendees in secret. Each person will have another person's name. Then write that person a special note or picture showing why you are thankful for them. On the day of the celebration put the note in an envelope with their name on it and set it on the table where they will be sitting. (If your guest is celebrating virtually, send it via email). Take turns opening and reading the messages from one another and try to guess who wrote it to you. Can you figure out who your secret turkey is?

ACTIVITY THREE - Turkey Day Pictionary
Here’s how it works. Use the provided activity sheet here or write down 20 words that have to do with Turkey Day. Words like: cranberry, pumpkin, autumn, corn. and turkey of course! (A quick note here, if you are new to drawing, practice ahead of time so you feel more confident.) 

Once all of your themed words are written down. Cut them out into strips and place them in a hat. You will also need some blank pieced of paper and drawing utensils and a timer. Then grab your friends and family for a friendly game of Turkey Day Pictionary. Divide yourselves up into two teams. Each member of the team will take turns being the artist while the rest of the team tries to guess the secret word in under a minute. Be sure not to shout out the answer for the other team. Only guess when it is your team's turn. The team with the most correct guesses wins!


Bonus Pre-School Activity

The Quirky Turkey Coloring Printable available here


Remember for more activities, go to: for access to fun printable activity pages and storytelling worksheets for older kids. There is something spectacular for everyone!

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