Membership Announcement 02/22/17

Dear Members,


We are so proud of the community we’ve built so far and excited to have you with us.  2016 saw this organization grow from a simple idea into a strong group of passionate advocates. Together, we’re working toward a common goal -- advancing quality audio programming for kids.


For 2017 (The Year of the Kids Podcast!) we’re setting ambitious goals.  We want to ensure that Kids Listen represents the best interests of creators and sets the standard for what kids podcasts can and should be.  That’s why the board has formulated a five-year strategic plan, including:


Collective Promotion:


  • Presenting Kids Listen as the destination for parents and journalists interested in kids podcasts.

  • Strengthening our relationship with iTunes to advocate for increased discoverability.

  • Searchable Member Podcasts directory on our website.

  • Pursuing PR opportunities to celebrate and advance member podcasts’ work.

  • Releasing findings from our Inaugural Survey of family podcast consumers.

  • Developing a kids-only podcast app.

Development & Education Opportunities:


  • A series of chats, webinars, and video tutorials on a variety of topics relevant to kids podcasting, including production, promotion, and legal issues.

  • Workshop critiques of podcasts and podcast concepts.

  • Long-term planning for a national Kids Listen Conference.

  • Short-term planning for local meetups and gatherings around other podcasting events.

  • Bringing the resources and experience of the community to formally encourage and advance the quality and success of each other’s work.


Awards & Grants:


  • Eligibility to apply for Production Grants and Conference Subsidies, depending on outside fundraising. Through a small grant program, Kids Listen can assist you in your professional development and special projects.

  • “Kids Listen Awards” judged by a panel of experts to highlight high-quality work in our field.


That brings us to a big question…. How are we going to afford to do all this awesome stuff?  So far, Andrew & Polly have underwritten our organization’s small budget.  But as we look toward professionalizing and outside fundraising in order to do more and be a stronger voice for members, we believe the best model to build on is membership dues.  We have started our incorporation as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  We believe that this structure will best support our goals to be an advocacy organization with a social mission.  We hope you’ll join us in contributing to the cause if you believe in this mission, and helping our medium reach its full potential.


Education Membership - $20/year -  a low-cost option for students and educators


General Membership - $75/year - an individual membership for creators and advocates

Supporting Membership - If you can support Kids Listen beyond the $100 annual dues, please consider becoming a supporting member at any level.  All the same services as a standard membership with the added knowledge that you’re helping Kids Listen do as much as we can to advocate for quality children’s audio media.

Sustaining Membership - $1,500/year - the option for large teams, corporate members and generous benefactors. Sustaining members at this level will receive special perks, including multiple login accounts, logo placement on the website, and sponsor mentions in the Kids Listen Awards.


In order to remain a Kids Listen member in good standing, please pay your dues by March 15, 2017 by choosing a membership option below:

Become a General Member

Becoming a Supporting Member

* Note that membership, including supporting membership, is not currently tax deductible.

We’ll also be having a discussion on revising the membership pledge, in order to bring it in line with this long-term vision for Kids Listen’s future.

Most of you have already experienced the intangible benefits of Kids Listen. You know how valuable it is to connect with colleagues across the world on a daily basis, to have a place to ask questions, share your successes, and discuss podcasts for kids.  We hope that the additional benefits introduced above show that contributing to this organization is a worthwhile investment in the future of kids media.  We know that not all of you will choose to remain active members. We completely understand. Make sure to stay in touch via our newsletter and social media. You can always consider re-joining if your situation allows.  We know that some of you will have questions and thoughts about the community as it evolves.  To make sure every question is asked and everyone is heard, we have started a #dues Slack channel dedicated to conversation around this topic.


We couldn’t be more excited about 2017, about our remarkable membership, and to be shaping the future of kids podcasting together.



The Kids Listen Board

Polly Hall, Lindsay Patterson, Andrew Barkan, Sanden Totten, Kitty Felde, David Sewell-McCann, Stefan Sheperd

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