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Kids Listen Activity Podcast, Episode 9: Aaron's World Presents Origin of Dinosaurs

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Aaron’s World is a fun and imaginative science-themed audio adventure for kids. It’s a 50-episode story that follows the time-traveling adventures of a little boy and his trusty computer companion, as they explore the prehistoric world. Listen to the episode here
Now that you’ve listened to the episode, it’s time to draw a… Dino Doodle!  Find instructions for how to draw a Dino Doodle below. 
What is a Dino Doodle?

It’s a really simple drawing activity that Aaron made up when he was a kid. All you have to do is find a piece of paper and use your imagination to draw any prehistoric scene you’d like. But the trick is that you have use the entire sheet of paper and not leave any spots blank. It sounds simple, but it can get tricky depending on what you choose to draw.

Here are some ideas!


  1. A deep prehistoric jungle filled with dinosaurs

  2. Ocean cliffs with Pterosaurs nesting, feeding, and filling the sky

  3. An undersea landscape filled with prehistoric sea life

  4. An unground maze of burrows and tunnels filled with prehistoric mammals

  5. A map showing a prehistoric world from your own imagination

  6. A thick jungle scene puzzle with dinosaurs hidden for others to find


Well, I could go on and on. That's just a sample of ideas to help get your own imagination going. I’m positive that your ideas will be even better! There’s no right or wrong way to draw a Dino Doodle. So fill up that page and let your imagination run WILD!

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