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Kids Listen Podcast, Episode 8:

What If World Presents What if Dinosaurs Were Alive Today?  

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The episode is a fun story-telling activity, and there’s even a What If Story tossed in as a demonstration.
Lessons include: we are all capable of telling each other fun stories; even the greatest treasure in the world can’t replace all of life’s simple joys.
If you want some questions to use as story prompts, try the What If Question Generator! Listen to the episode here
After you've listened to the episode, try the activity! Find all the details below. 

Your project today is really easy to learn, and quite tricky to master!


You will be coming up with three things:

1.) A Safe Place

2.) A Strange Place

3.) A Weird Thing (or What If Question)


If you've got some time, we encourage you to draw these ideas out, and even write them down if you're able.


Then, you're going to tell a story where you, yes YOU, go from your Safe Place to your Strange Place and back again... only you've got to add your Weird Thing along the way. For older kids (8+), you can challenge yourself to have this Weird Thing help teach you a lesson.


Once you've tried this activity, you can swap yourself out for a different main character! Try using a friend, family member, or fictional character you're very familiar with. Just remember to be nice ;)


If this sounds a little tricky, listen to the episode for a step by step walkthrough and even a demonstration!

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