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Kids Listen Activity Podcast, Episode 42:

Nature Just Got Real Presents Make a Bird Home Depot

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Have you ever thought you'd like to do more for birds than just fill up the bird feeder? Today, we are making a Bird Home Improvement Center. It's a little like a store where birds can come and get some building materials to assist with their nest building. 
Also, in this episode, Chuck Darwin gives us the definition of the word AVES, Jack tells us what REALLY goes into Bird Nest Soup and Tito introduces us to a bird with a discriminating eye for decor. Listen to the episode here
After the episode, do the activity! Build a simple bird nest assisting project using a cardboard toilet paper roll and several things a bird might use to build nests with. This is a project that kids of most ages
can make. It teaches observation of the nest-building abilities of birds, and opens up a conversation about birds, nest materials, and different things birds use to build their nests.  You'll find more details in the episode. 
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