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Kids Listen Activity Podcast, Episode 41: 

Story Spectacular Presents Sal & The Erie Canal

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Let's go back in time to 1825 and visit the Erie Canal! We will ride on the back of our friendly tour guide Sal the Mule and learn all about the history of this man-made river. We will sing a fun river tune and learn about how water lock systems work!  Listen to the episode here
After the episode, try the activity!  Now that we’ve learned all about "Sal and the Erie Canal" you can make your own WATER LOCK SYSTEM! Details below.

Here’s how it works:

Grab a rectangle-shaped container and some tinfoil and a floating bath toy or pool toy. If you don’t have a waterproof toy you can form your own floating boat out of some tinfoil too. Then go to your sink or tub.


Take some tin foil and form it into a wall that divides the container in half. Then Fill one side of the container with water and float your boat. Then slowly lift the tin foil wall up and allow the water to pour towards the other side of the container. Your boat will sink down lower.


Dump out the water and try this. Put your tin foil wall back in place in the center of your container. Now put your floating object on the left side of the empty container. Fill up the right side with water. Slowly lift up the tinfoil wall and watch your boat rise up. Pretty neat huh? You can use all kinds of other materials and build multiple walls in your container. Have fun making your own water lock creation!!! 

You can also go to Click out "Sal and the Erie Canal" for a printable coloring page diagram all about how a water lock system works!! 

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