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Kids Listen Activity Podcast, Episode 35:

Aaron's World Presents Microraptor

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Aaron’s World is a fun and imaginative science-themed audio adventure for kids. It’s a 50-episode story that follows the time-traveling adventures of a little boy and his trusty computer companion, as they explore the prehistoric world. Listen to the episode here


Now that you’ve listened to the episode, it’s time to create your own… Audio Adventure! 

Creating an audio adventure doesn’t need to be difficult. All you need is an idea, something to record it with (smart phones are great), and a big imagination. It can be something as simple as you recording yourself telling a story while making your own voices and sound effects as you go. Or with the help of an adult, you might be able to use a computer to add fun sound effects and music. There’s no right or wrong way to make an audio adventure as long as you have fun.


To help get you started, Aaron created a short video sharing a behind the scenes look at how we make the Aaron’s World podcast. Aaron was 7 when we recorded this so it covers our early episodes, which are a bit simpler. You’ll find it on YouTube here


And if you finish that and want to learn even more about how we make the podcast, we have a whole EXTRAS episode in our podcast for you to enjoy. This will go into more detail on how we make some of the later (more complex) episodes.

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