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Kids Listen Activity Podcast, Episode 31:

Story Spectacular Presents The Weather Girl

SEASON 2 ART copy.jpg
There once was a little girl who loved to play outside. Each day the weather would change and the little girl would find an exciting new way to play outside. But what happens when the weather is thunder and lightning outside? Listen to the episode here
After the episode, there are two SPECTACULAR activities for you. Go online to Story Spectacular and check out "Weather Girl Match Up" for a printable activity coloring page. Click on "Outdoor Activity Bucket List!" for the full checklist. Or make up your own bucket list. What are 5 activities you could do on a Sunny Day Outside? What about on a Windy Day? Or a Cloudy Day? Or even a Rainy Day? Write down, or draw a picture of all the activities you can think of, then go outside and start checking outdoor activities off your bucket list!!!
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