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Kids Listen Activity Podcast, Episode 27:

Good Words Podcast Presents Edifying

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In this episode, specially updated for the Covid-19 pandemic, Miss
Lynn talks about, "edifying."  Includes recurring segments, "Ads that
Subtract," "Say What?!?" about the expression, "A rising tide lifts
all boats," and a "Do Over" discussion with family therapist Emily
King about, "The Special School."  Listen to the episode here. 
After the episode, do the activity! Below, find related activities to work on developing the practice of intentional gratitude!
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Practicing Gratitude


In the episode, Miss Lynn talked about finding the intentional practice of gratitude to be spiritually uplifting, or edifying.  Here are some activities to help you develop a practice of gratitude:


1)  Choose a book and see if you can find the "Acknowledgments" section.  It is the part where the author and/or  illustrator recognize and thank the other people who helped contribute to making the book.  Not every book has one, so you may need to look in several books!  After you have found this section, look at who the people thanked are.  Why do you think the book's creators chose to thank these people?  See if you can find "Acknowledgments" sections in several books, and compare who is thanked, and why.

2)  Think about people who are important in your life.  Who helps you do the things you need to do?  Who makes your life better?  Make a "gratitude list," and see how many people you are thankful for!

3)  Choose three people off your gratitude list and write notes or draw pictures to thank them for the important things they do for you.  Be specific about what they did/do, and why it is so important to you.

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