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Kids Listen Activity Podcast, Episode 23:

Be Calm on Ahway Island, Hello!

Tanner Toad greets a new friend with the custom "Hello!" Since the other toad doesn't respond, Tanner tries a different approach. Listen to the episode here. 
After the episode, do the activity! Details below! 

Be Calm on Ahway Island: Hello Activity Sheet! 

Hello Parents!


Things have become a bit uncertain lately and we hope you are staying well. To help you and your kids relax and learn here are some activity ideas you can use in addition to our relaxing stories and meditations.

While our stories are designed with ages 3-8 in mind, many older children and adults enjoy our episodes as a way to relax, as well. And, if your kids need to nap during the day, you will find our stories help them settle into that routine as well.


Comparing: Learning about “Same” and “Different”


After listening to the story 


Here are some options to add movement and creativity:

Create three stations: each with a large sheet of paper, a set of crayons, markers, pencils and/ or pictures to glue.

  • At one station have the kids add the characteristics that make Tad different.

  • At another station have the kids add the characteristics that make Tanner different.

  • At the last station have the kids add the characteristics that Tad and Tanner share.

Have your kid(s) hop like toads to the next station.


Then use the Venn diagram worksheets, and the sheets from the three stations discuss: 

  • How are the characters the same? 

  • How are the characters different? 

  • How are you like the character(s)? How are you different? 


And fill out the Venn diagram together.


Enjoy, and stay well!

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