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Kids Listen Activity Podcast, Episode 12:

Story Spectacular Presents April Fools Day

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Episode Description: Today we will celebrate April Fools Day by telling jokes, playing pranks, singing a song and even hearing some foolish "fake" facts. There will be lots of fun friends stopping by, including real-life listeners just like you. It's sure to be the best April Fools Day ever!!! NO FOOLIN'.  Listen to the episode here
After you listen, do the activity! Can you tell the difference between fact and fiction? Play the game below to find out. 
Project #1 for ages 9 + up


To celebrate April Fools, here is a Fun with Fact or Fiction activity! An exercise in learning what is true and what is false. 


Step 1.) Gather three small pieces of paper and a writing utensil.


Step 2.) Look up TWO Fun Facts. These two facts can be about animals, space, the ocean, any topic you’d like, as long as they are 100% TRUE. 


Step 3.) Write the first fact on your first piece of paper and the second fact on the second piece of paper.


Step 4.) On your third piece of paper, make up a story that sounds true but is actually FALSE!


Step 5.) When you are finished writing, scramble all three pieces of paper into a random order, then read them out loud to friends and family members. Ask them to guess which of the three is false! You can even read these fun facts over the phone or computer. Keep track of everyone's guess!!!


How many people did you fool with your fictional “fact”?


Project #2 All Ages


Check out the Kids Listen Activity Podcast resource page  or go to the Story Spectacular website to download the printable activity page "Digger's Pop-Up Card". Then follow the directions to make your very own silly pop-up card!!! 

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