Board of Directors

Andrew Barkan

Andrew is producer and co-host of Ear Snacks.

Kitty Felde

Kitty Felde is host and executive producer of Bookclub for Kids.  It’s a lonesome world out there as a podcaster. Most of what you do is solo – editing audio, writing scripts, sending emails. You hunger for community. And knowledge.


Kids podcasts are particularly isolated.  How can we spread the word about this important genre that caters to the next generation of podcast and public radio listeners?  That’s why Kitty is proud to be a board member of Kids Listen.

Polly Hall

"I am excited to join together with like-minded individuals - talented people who are trying to produce the best audio programming they can for kids.  With each episode we produce, we encounter new challenges - technical engineering difficulties, questions about how to handle sensitive issues, the need for an expert we just don't know.  This community of people, struggling with the same important work as we are, is so useful in so many ways and one of them is just as a jet pack rocket boost of encouragement just knowing that the community exists and we all care about the field.  What's the best way to do this stuff?  Is it working?  Are the audiences there?  Can we save time?  How do we actually pay for it to be made?  We won't know the answers until we do.  And here's a guess - we'll most elegantly find out if we work together."

Polly Hall is producer and co-host of Ear Snacks.

Lindsay Patterson

Lindsay Patterson is creator, producer, and co-host of Tumble, a science podcast for kids. She has been producing science stories for ten years, with her work featured on nationally syndicated public radio. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and co-host Marshall Escamilla, and their son and dog. 


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David Sewell-McCann

"Listening is different than watching.  Listening allows for imagination, dreaming, calibration and organic growth.  When we hear a story, we become the architects of new worlds – and for children, stories give them the chance to grow nimble, versatile brains.  Podcasts designed for young minds understand this – and for this reason, I am a member of the Kids Listen."

David is co-founder of and storyteller in Sparkle Stories.

Stefan Shepherd

"It's taken more than a decade, but now there are a number of podcasts for kids that are the equivalent in terms of quality and ambition of great 21st century kids music.  I think the kids podcasting world will grow the same way the kids music world grew -- by sharing with each other a helping hand when things are a bit difficult, and praising each other when things are going well, and shouting from the rooftops the value of this audience and our attempts to inform, educate, and entertain.   Kids listen is our attempt to speed that process along."

Stefan is the founder of Zooglobble.

Sanden Totten

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