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Last March, most parents were suddenly tasked with managing their kids' virtual schooling (on top of the 5 bajillion other things still expected of them). The Kids Listen Activity Podcast was created to fill a hole for parents and caregivers who wanted to entertain and educate their kids without having to rely on screens.  The goal is to provide a big chunk of engaged, screen-free fun for kids from as young as three up to teens.


Last spring, with Season 1 of the Kids Listen Activity Podcast, we created over 50 episodes of a podcast-activity pairing, from member podcasts like What If World, Tumble Podcast, Noodle Loaf, The Past and the Curious, Cool Facts About Animals, The Good Words Podcast, Book Club for Kids, Little Bedtime Stories, Timestorm, Curious Kid Podcast, and Buttons & Figs.  Kids had the chance to write stories, investigate bugs, build bridges, and more!


We are excited to announce the return of the Kids Listen Podcast with Season 2!


This season, your kids will listen and learn about science, history, animals, music, and language, and then make that learning active with hands-on projects and activities.  You'll find lesson description at the end of the podcast and, when available, links to printed materials right on the Season 2 page.

You can find the Kids Listen Activity Podcast on iTunes here. Or search for it on whatever your favorite platform is! New episodes will be released every Tuesday. 

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Welcome to the Kids Listen Activity Podcast, brought to you by your friends at Kids Listen, a group of awesome podcasts for kids.

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